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In 2014, Amanda translated my book, Planeta samých chlapců/Christ is Dancing, into English. She carried out her work in a diligent, careful, and conscientious manner. Amanda especially focused her attention on making the Czech context understandable to international readers. She also strove to preserve the stylistic aspects of the book as well as the original manuscript. According to readers’ reviews, for example, from Canada, she was successful with this endeavor. Furthermore, Amanda is a really nice person, another reason why it was easy to work with her.

Adam Georgiev, Author

I have been cooperating with Amanda for a long time now and can say that I have had only the best experience with her proofreading work. She adapts the text carefully, and at the same time, significantly improves it linguistically and stylistically. I highly recommend Amanda.

Petr Gibas, PhD, Sociologist

Amanda is a great translator. All of the translations which I commissioned her for turned out amazingly. And not only because she perfectly captures Czech and English nuances and finds the most apt words, but because she has a rare gift that combines an eye for detail with the big picture, and thus helps to put things in context. Whether it came to translations for books and booklets, websites, or articles, everything went smoothly and was turned in with no mistakes and on time. I highly recommend Amanda’s services to everyone.

Kristýna Maková, Copywriter